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If you buy  6 bag in box, shipping is free and you will also receive a bottle of aromatic oil as a gift

Mix of CherryBiancolilla e Nocellara which together create a unique flavour.

Medium - intense notes of green fruitiness and a strong and balanced taste will highlight the flavors of all your dishes.

Less known than the more popular lattes, this packaging has many notes in its favor. The internal recyclable tetrapack bag maintains the vacuum, preserving the oil contained from possible oxidation. The practical tap allows for easy pouring when needed, and the outer carton protects against sudden changes in temperature which could affect the quality of the oil during its storage. Absolutely recommended for those who want to taste our extra virgin olive oil always at the top, even after months.

Bag in box of Certified Organic Oil

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  • Cultivars

    Cerasuola 70%, Biancolilla 20% and Nocellara 10%

    Production area


    Harvesting technique

    Hand picking and with collection aids. Milling within 24 hours of collection.


    Sensations of chicory, artichoke, thistle and light medicinal scents


    Balanced with bitter and spicy of medium intensity.




    0.25 litres, 0.50 litres, 0.75 litres, 1 litre, 5 liters

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