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If you buy  6 bag in box, shipping is free and you will also receive a bottle of aromatic oil as a gift

The oil biological Madre Terra comes from olives produced with care and love for our land by our members.

Thanks to a cultivation that does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals, the organoleptic and nutritional properties of this oil are of excellent quality.

100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

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  • Cultivars

    Cerasuola 70%, Biancolilla 20% and Nocellara 10%

    Production area


    Harvesting technique

    Hand picking and with collection facilitators. Milling within 24 hours of collection.


    Thistle, artichoke, chicory and medicinal scents


    Balanced with slight bitter notes and a slight spiciness.




    0.50, 0.75, 1Lt, 5 Lt 

  • The very balanced sense of bitter and spicy, allows it to be combined with dishes with a delicate taste, ideal for dishes based on fish, meat, sauces and vegetables

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