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Image by Rebecca Georgia

Mother Earth 



You represent Mother Earth

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Our formats


Glass bottle

latta 5lt madreterra_edited.png

5 litres

Tin container

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5 litres

Bag in Box

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Detailed card 250 ml

Technical features

Palletization scheme 

Characteristics of the raw material of the finished product

Format: Regular tin 500 ml

Gross weight: 4980g

Net content: 4580 kg

Cappinga: White from DM 35

EAN code: 8026997010138

Lot: L.giorno Giuliano . AA..RR Printed on the back of the label

Cardboard: Mother Earth of 2

Pallets: 80x120

Pieces per carton: 2 pieces (carton weight 10.320 kg)

Total cartons : 84 cartons

Layers per pallet: 4 layers

Cartons per layer: 21 cartons

Cans per pallet: 168 cans

pallet total height and weight: h144 cm - 870 kg - Pallet excluded

Analytical parameter. Limit value - reference source

Acidity (Oleic Acid) ...........

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