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Giardiniere femmina felice


Low environmental impact quality

For us, every resource is important.
It is even more so if it can be reused.

How do we do it

Our production techniques guarantee the quality of the olives thanks to the limited use of fertilizers and pesticides. We pay particular attention to the operations of conferment and storage of the olives, convinced that the quality of the oil also depends on this
During the entire process that goes from harvesting to selection, the integrity of the olives is constantly safeguarded by qualified personnel, to avoid phenomena of fermentation and/or oxidation, responsible for the poor quality of the oil.
The delivered olives are then selected for quality and state of ripeness.
Furthermore, Mother Earth has always chosen to adopt agronomic practices with low environmental impact that ensure a high quality and hygienic-sanitary standard.

We love our land because it is only thanks to it that we are able to obtain such a high quality oil.

Image by Nazar Hrabovyi

The pits are extracted from the olive pomace , and the residual vegetation water and pitted pomace are sent to a plant for the production of bio-methane.

The foliage scraps are returned to the members, who use them as fertilizer.

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