Each and every resource counts.
Even more if it can be utilized again.


Our production techniques are specific to protect the olives’ quality using as little fertilizers and pesticides as possible. To us, great importance is given as to gather and maintain olives in the proper state because we think that details such this one indeed have a great deal ofinfluence over the excellence of the product. During the harvest and olive selection process our qualified personnel is there to make sure the olives are properly kept as to avoid any fermentation and/or oxidation, all factors that are responsible for a bad-quality oil. The olives are then selected based on their level of quality and maturity to ensure excellent flavor and maximum health benefits of the oil. We always choose to use eco-friendly methods that help us make excellent products as well as keeping high sanitary standards.

We love our Earth because it’s only thanks to her that we are able to make great products. This is why we’ve added an organic value chain of extra virgin olive oil, respecting the environment and its biodiversity, as stated by EU laws.

We think that each and every resource counts, even more if it can be utilized again. The vegetation waters of our olives are recycled in our fields because they make a great fertilizer, leftover leaves are used as compost and, finally, the pomace is sold to pomace oil producers.


Sicily has always been the heart of the Mediterranean, holding a key role in farming production and much more. In Sicily you can easily find culture, tradition, natural and environmental resources, all surrounded by a breath -taking landscape.

Sciacca is located in the south-west area of the island, where mountains and sea meet and create the ideal olive tree grooves habitat. Sciacca is also famous for its historical Carnival, its proficient fishing industry and ceramic production.

Incredible sand beaches, historical buildings and findings: you’ll fall in love with Sciacca’s food, wine and nature tour.