A love story with quality extra virgin olive oil
that goes on since 1944.


Madre Terra was founded in November 5th 1944 with the approval of the land reform launched by Antonio Segni and Fausto Gullo, which assigned uncultivated estates to co-op societies.

After the reform, the uncultivated estates became fertile olive tree grooves at great cost and sacrifice to local farmers and Accursio Miraglia, the trade union leader killed in 1947 by Cosa Nostra.

Today the co-op counts more than 600 associates, its land extending up to 2.000 hectars near Sciacca, which is certified as PDO “Val di Mazara” area.

Sciacca, a nice town that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on the one side and that is surrounded by S. Calogero mount on the other, was founded by the Phoenicians. Steeped in history, its economy has always been primarily based on fishery and agriculture.

The surrounding area is mainly composed of plains and small hills, where local varieties of Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara olive trees have been cultivated for centuries.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil production begins with the harvest, which ideally should be done as soon as the olives start getting colored externally, still being pale inside. This stage is called the veraison.

The harvest is handmade, thanks to some facilities used to avoid damage to plants. Once they have been picked up, olives are gathered and kept in specific baskets where they can get the proper amount of air in order to be selected and sent to milling within 24 hours.

The selected olives are conveyed through special belts to leaves-remover machines. After the leaf removal, the olives are washed with drinkable water in order to take away any residual component.

Finally, the olives are sent to the press. The extraction process is done with modern Pieralisi centrifugal extractors and the extra virgin olive oil obtained is kept in tanks at constant temperature.